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Rise’s property purchasing process is fast and efficient. We have established relationships and resources in order to expedite banking arrangements and legal due diligence, ensuring that any recognised opportunity is acted upon immediately.

Our expert team of professionals have ‘acute acquisition ability’ i.e. an eye for potential. We consider all developments that present an opportunity for financial return. Previous successful transactions range from £1m to in excess of £50m although we will consider any proposals based on merit including medium and long term income prospects.

If you are a land or property owner, we can offer you a competitive market value to buy your asset with the added benefit of becoming a shareholder in its future profit. You will achieve a similar return as selling on the open market but remain an investor and enjoy any ongoing gains. Please contact us for a confidential initial discussion.

Rise also works on behalf of individuals as a property agent or in offering specialist advice as a consultant and has successfully helped acquired hotels, land and other real estate opportunities on a commission or profit share basis to specific client requirements.

contact rise venturesRise Ventures Limited. First Floor, 37A Church Road, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5DQ